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Magnum-D LTD is established in 1995 with main activity : Import & Export of Air-Conditioning equipment,Household  and black appliances. The company is the official importer and distributor of brand MIDEA and AUX ( for Air-Conditioning equipment), LG ( for white and black appliances)for Balcanian Area, and also is owner of two personal brands - ARIELLI ( for white appliances) and DSM ( for black appliances).


Short presentation of "MIDEA" brand:

 Founded in 1968, Midea is renowned as a  sizeable conglomerate that specializes in the manufacturing of household appliances and sets foot in relevant fields of real estates and logistics. It is now one of the largest white household appliance production bases and export bases in China.

Midea formally entered into the household appliance industry in 1980, and started to use the brand name of Midea in 1981. Today, Midea Group has up to 100,000 employees and owns over ten famous brands in various industries, namely Midea and Welling etc. Apart from its headquarter in Shunde, the Group has established production bases scattered in Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Wuhu, Wuhan, Huai'an, Kunming, Changsha, Hefei, Chongqing and Suzhou, etc. The base in Pingyang,Vietnam has put into production. Oppossessing an extensive marketing network spreading all over China, the Group also has established twenty-one overseas branch subsidiaries in countries and areas such as U.S.A, England, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada,Russia,France,Malaysia and Vietnam. Currently, Midea holds the largest and most complete production chains for air-conditioner,refrigrator, microwave oven,small home appliances and kitchen utensil groups in China. Its core products include residential AC, commercial AC, large-scale central AC, washing machine, electric cooker, refrigerator, water dispenser, microwave oven, dish washer, induction cooker,electric fan, electric warmer, water heater, kitchen range, range hood, sterilizing cabinet, electric chafing dish, electric oven, vacuum cleaner, small household appliances and other homehold appliance products, as well as other supporting products, such as compressor, electric motor, magnetron and transformer. Midea has been growing in healthy, steady and rapid steps. It successfully achieved an average growth rate of 60% and 50% respectively in the 80s and the 90s. Since the arrival of the new millennium, Midea maintains a growth rate of 35% annually.

In 2007, sales revenue of Midea increased by 30% and hit a record of 75 billion Yuan, while export sales went up by 40% to 3.12 billion USD compared to 2006. In the assessment of ChinaMost Valuable Brands 2007, brand value of Midea ranks No.7 by surging to 37.829 billion Yuan. In Jun 2007, Midea ranked the 3rd in the list of Guangdong's Top 100 Enterprises by Guangdong Enterprise Union Committee and Guangdong Enterprise Association. In October 2007, Midea was placed 52nd by National Bureau of Statistics among the China's Top 500 Large-scale Enterprise Groups. While keeping a rapid growth, Midea also makes active contribution for local economic development. Since 1990, Midea has paid tax totaling 10 billion Yuan and donated nearly 120 million Yuan for social welfare and the cause of education. Looking into the future, Midea will continue to believe effective, healthly and scientific development principle and establish the industrial patterns for diversified industries, scale development, professional operation, regionalized operation and differentiated management. Midea owns a healthy financial structure and apparent advantages in its core competence, and possesses the preliminary ability of resource allocation in a global context. The Group aims at maximizing its integrated value and further improving its corporate structure and management system. In 2010, Midea will strive to become the most valuable brand of home appliances of China and an internationalized consumer electrical appliances manufacturing super giant and ascend before the 5th of white household appliance suppliers in the world, with record-breaking sales revenue of 120 billion Yuan.

For more information: http://midea-bg.com/en/about/


Short presentation of "AUX" brand:


               Đ•stablished in 1986, AUX group has total assets of 15.1 bilion RMB and 20.000 employees. It has industries in electricity, home appliances, communication, real estate, medical care and ivestment six  areas, and establishes secen industrial bases in cities including Ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shen zhen and Dongguan. AUX ranks top 500 enterorises in China, china’ s in information-based benchmarking company. National  Key Torch Hi-tech enterprises and Permanent Unit for the nacional engineering technology centers and national post-doctoral workstation. It has “Sanxing” and “AUX” two cross-industrial wellknown trademarks in China and two China Top Brands; In 2011 , the Group has sales income of 32.1 bilion Yuan.


                The annual production capacity of AUX group is 7 million sets of air-condicioners, 10 milion pcs of energy meters, 3.2 milion KVA transformers, 5 million pcs of cell phones, 2 million pcs of small household appliances. Among which the intelligent  electrical meter ranks No. 1 in the SGC bidding, and occupies a market  share of over 10% AUX Air-conditioning is the industry leader in China’s air conditioners bran, its product have been sold to more than 150 countries region.


                On the basis of stabilizing the advantage industries, AUX moderately diversify its industries, invested  700 million RMB, Mingzhou hospital is the biggest privet hospital in Zhejiang Province. It’s constructed according to three A-level standard and holds 1200 beds. It’s medicine and outpatient charges are less than the city’s hospitals in other peer. AUX real estate ranks top 100 in China and owns national  A level development potential. It develops an area of over 2 million square meters per year and it has extended from residential real estate to the commercial real estate, tourism real estate, hotel real estate and other area, with it’s project located in Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengha, Wuxi and other places, owning  strong integrated development and operation capabilities.


                At the same time of developing enterprises, AUX Group pays attention to public welfare undertakings in recent years AUX has invested 60 million RMB to support, education, health, infrastructure, etc. Aside from benefiting the township, AUX also disseminateits successful experience widely to help more enterprises and individuals to grow and poster.


                Being an industry leader, AUX will take “stable, peaceful, honest and reliable” as the guid to action, realy on intelligentization, globalization and Excellent-izaionas its development strategy , proactively look for challenges, to complete a brand leap from domestic to international.

For more information: http://aux.bg/en/about-us


-         We strive to continuously increase the scope of our authority to answer as many inquires and offers.

-         We want to expand internationally.

-         We want to inspire our customers with fast and competent services, focused and clear communication and fair pricing, and by carrying out the wishes and requirements of customers.

-         By providing appropriate measures to continuously improve the quality of our services is constantly increasing.



-         Excellent, long-term opportunities for successful and profitable business.

-         Distribution of products with an established name.

-         Competitive prices and regular service.

-         Successful PR and marketing strategy.

-         Personal attention to each client.


-         For our customers we want to be the partner, who will accompany them on the way to success.

-         We are trying through consistent  and transparent compliance with rules, regulations and laws to give and provide generally recognized certificates.

-         We want to be partner for all internal and external partners.

-         To strive to commercial results.

-         Treat all customers equally.


MAGNUM-D LTD extends the boundaries of technology to provide the Bulgarian market the highest  quality air-conditioners and electric home appliances with brand MIDEA, ARIELLI and DSM.


During the first10 years of its existence and development the company became the market leader for air-conditioning & refrigerant equipment. Following the innovation and market needs the company began to import the full range of electrical home appliances.

Magnum D has two owns marks : ARIELLI – oriented into production of small electrical home appliances and DSM – oriented into production of high quality and modern LCD and LED technology.

The company has its own warehouse space and transportation.

Currently in MAGNUM-D LTD has over 80 person staff. Due to the extension of activity, their number is continuously growing.

The basis of conquest and consolidation of these positions  lie imposed from very beginning of the activity principles of ethics and honestly in relation with business partners.

The company team consist of young, ambitions and confident people with high qualifications, experience and commercial skills contributing to its successful development.

The company has contracts and working successfully with all commercial chains in Bulgaria.

For supply use own transport and if necessary the services of shipping companies.

In all regional centers of the country there are sales representatives, which greatly facilitates communication with partners.

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